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How it Feels to be an Introvert

An introvert is a misunderstood creature of the society. Here, I want to reflect upon some stereotypical curiosity that the world has about the introverts.
Introverts don’t like to talk much. They enjoy their personal space. They love to dwell in a small inner world where they are busy with their own thoughts and ideas.
When we remain silent in a noisy world, people around us have this strange perception - introverts are the saddest form of human beings that God has ever created.
People often shoot some amusing questions at introverts. Here is how I feel about them…
How can you have so many friends?

I bond with people really well in one-to-one conversations.
Befriending an introvert like me is easier because I am a good listener. Others can pour their heart out.
My extrovert friends never complain that I don’t speak much simply because I keep many of their secrets.
Why introverts worry so much?

Please don’t worry about it. You should know we are not into worrying all the time, we think deeply.
There is a difference between deep thinking and worrying.
While worrying, the mind reacts to thoughts mostly in a fearful manner. There is no anxiety involved in deep thinking.
What is the use of overthinking?

Overthinking helps me to link a series of thoughts to create something new. It can be an idea, an opinion or a feeling.
Why do you stay aloof in a group?

I enjoy observing people from a distance. Please let me do that.
Just because I don’t express myself much, does not mean I am not enjoying in a gathering.
If you remain so quiet, people will think you are dumb. Isn’t it?

When I was a young girl and did not know myself well, I had this dilemma. After growing up, it does not matter what others think about me.
Don’t you think introverts are snobbish, selfish & egoistic?

No, we don’t have any of those hazardous qualities. Apparently, we may look and behave like one.
Our introspective mind keeps us simple and grounded. In fact, introverts are quite sensitive about other people’s emotions. We are careful not to hurt others.
Does being introvert come in the way of love relationship?

That depends on the person with whom I am in love with.
If the person needs constant verbal acknowledgement, then that relationship may not last long.

If he can bank upon my non-expressive words, then it will go on forever without any hick ups.
I shared these feelings just to explain that we are normal people. Being an introvert is not a negative trait.
We are unique because we don’t speak up and prefer to lead a quiet life.
We don’t need lots of social interactions to keep ourselves happy.