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How Do You Spice Up a Boring Day at Workplace?

Sharing workable ideas to spice up a boring day at workplace. Swipe on…
At workplace, a boring day means either you have no interest in doing the work at hand or there is no work.
As you are disinterested, you may make mistakes and take more time to finish a task.
Is it possible to take a break for an hour?
If yes, use this free time to spice up your boring day.
Boredom changes our mood now and then. As per your mood, take suitable action to add a little spice in a dull and boring day.
Start some brain exercises. Solve puzzle / Sudoku / crossword or play scrabble / chess online.
You are unable to focus…
Do something you are not good at like:
Blind contour drawing.
Writing poetry.
Hum a song out of tune and record it.
Feel free to laugh at the imperfections.
Feeling grumpy…
Enjoy some soothing music using headphones. Music has the power to take away stress and anxiety.
Feeling anxious…
Visit a travel website to find your next getaway. Gather info to plan a trip.
Feeling stuck…
Open phone gallery and scroll down to see some slightly older photos. You cannot stop smiling.
You feel like rushing back home…
Create a nice collage with a few pictures. Set it as wallpaper on desktop to feel the warmth of your close relationships.
Type a letter to someone you are close to. You need not send it but help yourself to vent out emotions for that moment.
Feeling irritated…
Watch some funny videos. Go to a quiet corridor or an empty room, put on headphones, and laugh out loud!
You need a good laugh…
Move out for a brisk walk. Breathe in some fresh air. Hear sounds of nature. Observe plants and birds.
Feeling stagnant…
These activities to spice up a boring day are doable because you are neither leaving office premises nor disturbing others.