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How Can Women Spend Money Wisely?

Sharing some money habits that make young working women financially smart…
Start with monitoring your day-to-day spending. You will find quite a few expenses which are avoidable.
Prepare a realistic monthly budget. Here, exclude those non-essential expenses which you have already identified.
Stick to the monthly budget. Spending within limits is a bit tricky. After some initial setbacks, you will be able to spend money wisely.
Beat the temptation to buy clothes frequently. 
Fast fashion does not last long. Invest in high-quality sustainable fabric material.
Trendy, stylish matching shoes for each pair of dress is another expense shopping lovers need to stop.
Eyeing a new shade of makeup product or nice jewellery online?
Wait for 24 hours. This impulse may subside and you will never buy it.
Control how much fast food you consume in a week. Treat yourself with a nice meal once in a while, but don't go overboard.
Splurging on a luxury vacation is not worth it now. You will end up spending more than what you earn. Plan a trip which is easy on your wallet.
Use credit cards responsibly and pay off your bills in full every month to avoid interest charges and fees.
Invest money in upgrading your skills. It enhances scope to advance your career and improve earning potential.
Put 10% of your income in long-term investments. Stay invested for good returns. You will get tax benefits too.
Create an emergency fund for unplanned events. Save up enough money in it to manage your expenses for 3 months or more.
Spend money wisely from early stage of career to build a strong financial foundation for your future.