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Home Care: Tips to Take Care of Little Things

These are age-old home care tips which I got from my mother and can resolve day-to-day problems of your  life.
Take one B-complex capsule and pour its content into the water of a flower vase. Flowers will remain fresh for several days.
You have household items made of brass like napkin holder, flower vase etc. Apply transparent nail paint on them to retain natural shine.
Fix candle in a container. Fill half the container with water before lighting the candle. It prolongs burn time of candle and is easy to clean.
Leave a piece of chalk inside your costume jewellery box. Your jewellery pieces will not get tarnished and sparkle like new ones for months.
To remove transparent adhesive tape stuck on wall surface, hold a warm iron over it for a few seconds. Then peel it off slowly.
Place bath soap wrappers on all shelves inside your closet. It spreads a cool aromatic feeling.
Tie nigella seeds (kalonji) in small muslin cloth pouch. Place them in corners of wardrobe and book shelves to stop unwanted growth of insects like silver fish.
Polish leather items like shoes and bags with castor oil or petroleum jelly. It prevents drying and cracking on leather surface.
Apply some transparent adhesive liquid over stitching of footwear with a paint brush to reduce its usual wear and tear.
Fungus growth in shoes during rainy season is quite common. Rub a few drops of mustard oil inside shoes to keep them safe.