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Hard Water Damaging Your Hair - What to Do

Hard water is bad for your hair health. Know how to reverse its effects…
Water is a colorless liquid but it has mineral salts dissolved in it.
When mineral content in water is low, it is soft water.
High mineral content makes it hard water.
As you wash hair, minerals from hard water penetrate through wet strands. It has 4 damaging effects:
Dry hair.
A thin layer of heavy minerals on hair cuticles prevent absorption of moisture resulting in rough, dry and tangled hair.
Dull hair.
Hard water takes away natural shine and vibrancy of your hair. It looks dull and lifeless.
Hair fall.
Hard water residues irritate scalp skin and weaken hair follicles. As a result, hair falls off.
Discolored hair.
Those with color treated hair find that the tone is changing or fading out faster.
What to do?
Try these 5 effective hair care products and home treatments to reverse damaging effects of hard water:
Clarifying shampoo.
Its deep cleansing properties eliminate all mineral residues from hair shaft. Use it once in 3 weeks.
Moisturizing hair conditioner.
Check its label for composition. Choose the one with hydrating components like green tea, coconut milk or shea butter.
Fresh lime juice.
Dilute 1/4th cup of lime juice in 3/4th cup of water. After shampooing, massage it well on hair strands and hair roots. Then rinse off and apply conditioner.
Acidic property of lime juice neutralizes harmful effects of hard water.
Homemade hair mask.
Apply a thick paste of coconut oil and mashed ripe banana to treat hair and scalp dryness. Wait for an hour and then wash off with regular shampoo.
Leave-in hair conditioner.
Towel dry your washed hair. Apply leave-in conditioner on damp hair from middle to the end of strands.
Always rinse your hair upside down to prevent breakage. That means, let shower water fall from crown towards forehead.