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Hand-Picked Lights to Perk Up Diwali Decoration

When it comes to decking up window space, balcony, terrace, or other open areas, pick and choose right decorative lights to create a nice, welcoming ambience.
LED Diya Light
This (Light-emitting diode) LED Diya fills up any open air Diwali temple with its golden hue.
Panchmukhi LED Water Sensor Diya
An ornamental variant with water sensor effect that makes it look like real Panchmukhi Diya.
Diya Shaped String Lights
Spread the strings on terrace floor in simple rangoli pattern such as swastika for a quick Diwali decoration.
Golden String Fairy Light
A bright, warm white glow oozing out from star-shaped lights looks splendid.
Lanterns with LED Pillar Candles
Set these battery-operated lanterns in a row along driveway stretch, lawn or garden.
Metal Balls String Lights
Deck up large spaces with LED metal balls. Pair them with lanterns for a more gorgeous effect.
Fairy LED Wish Ball Light
Swing them as window curtain, hang down from trees or wrap around pillars. Choice is yours.
These decorative lights are versatile and provide us a windproof option. Put them anywhere for a dazzling visual delight.