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Gardening: Plant Care for Sustainable Self-Care

Taking care of plants in your garden can teach you how to look after yourself.
Spend at least 30 minutes in a day with your plants to uplift your mood. The time you spend with plants will help you to forget about stressors of life.
You need not own a large garden to feel this way. Just keep a few small pots of plant and take care of them daily. Even some indoor plants will do.
When you handle the plants, you come closest to the nature. You build an instant connect with the plant life.
Seeing the plant grow, renewal of its leaves, blooming of flowers, growth of fruits and vegetables will keep you soaked in pure happiness forever.
Gardening in open air gives you exposure to the sunlight that you need. Your body utilizes this sunlight to prepare Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for good health.
Gardening involves a lot of physical activities which make your muscles stronger and also helps in weight loss.
While tending plants, you don’t divert your attention as you do not want to cause any damage to the tender plants. Thus, you learn mindfulness that improves your concentration and mental clarity.
The bonding with plants and the beautiful fresh green space of garden can calm you down and release stress and anxiety.
Elderly people get motivation for self-care from gardening. Handling the minute details of plant care help them understand the value of staying healthy.