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Find Happiness in Little Luxuries of Nature

Appreciating small wonders of nature brings big happiness. Read on…
Happiness is a favorable emotional state when we have more positive feelings than negative ones.
There are tiny treasures of joy in natural environment around us. We just need to see them with our hearts. Let us uncover nature’s nuances to find happiness.
Watch sunrise.
A transition filled with visual delight. Stars fading out on one side. On the other side, bright golden sunlight emerging from the horizon.
Walk barefoot on green grass at a slow pace.
The soft and earthy touch have a nice comforting effect on tired feet.
Nurture plants. When you look after daily needs of leafy friends, even a new leaf or bloom brings immeasurable joy.
Listen to the sea waves.
The deafening sounds of large waves rushing in and crashing on the shore quieten racing thoughts in our mind.
Look skyward just before rainfall. Long wisps of rain-filled clouds cover up the entire sky. It seems like a black canvas to paint our imagination.
Stargazing at night.
A vast expanse with billions of embedded stars appears like mirror reflection of the earth. Each star represents a human on earth.
Spend some time outdoors under giant full moon. Silvery white moonlight washes off hard feelings and soaks us in tranquility.
Turn around a bad day by peeking into a bird’s world. Observe a quiet bird sitting near your window. Or, listen to their loud chirping.
Do your often get digital eye strain? Go and explore butterflies in the garden. Vibrant colors on its fluttering wings are soothing for eyes.
These blissful little luxuries of nature inspire us to love the planet we live in and protect its environment.