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Feminism - My Interpretation

Feminism not just liberates a woman, it integrates her inherent qualities. Reflecting upon my idea of feminism..
The concept of feminism came into being to end the perpetual domination of the male community.
Feminism, for me, is a spontaneous expression of gender equality in every sphere of life.
It’s an inseparable part of respecting a fellow human being.
You need not support women’s cause for the sake of International Women’s Day. Nor to impress certain group of people.
When you take up feminism under any external influences like a nice speech, nice newspaper article or a nice women-centric movie, the sense of equality remains superficial.
You have to genuinely care and support her.
Accept her with all her qualities. Some of those qualities may not be as per your expectations.
Traditionally, some human qualities are tagged as “feminine” like – emotional, caring, nurturing, gentle, intuitive, grace, beauty, etc.

Some are tagged as “masculine” like - rational, aggressive, ambitious, self-centric, etc.
On her path to self-discovery, every woman discovers that the so called masculine qualities are also there in her personality.
Since these qualities are integral part of her, she should get the opportunity to express them.
For instance, if I am aggressive by nature, I don’t want to suppress it just because the society does not approve it.

My way of showing aggression can be different from that of a man but it is absolutely okay to be aggressive in my own way.
Feminism is not a fight between men and women.
Feminism has become an intimidating word for some men. They feel it brings a struggle for their coexistence.
The fundamental truth is - men and women are two complementary poles of existence.

Certain amount of dominance of feminine power is now needed to rectify the imbalance of centuries.
Feminism is actually meant to create an environment where both men and women are free to follow their inherent qualities.

Several men suppress the so called “feminine” qualities in them. They should be able to bring forth emotional, softer side of their personality.
I strongly believe in the importance of a woman being self-aware.

She should know what she wants to do and what she does not want to do.
Then only she can live her life on her own terms without anyone’s “permission”. Others will not get the scope to dictate what is “safe” for her.
She should neither feel inferior because her physical strength is less than a man.

Nor feel superior because she has the capacity to dominate a male counterpart.
Feminism is not meant to cause harm to one another.

If feminine power tends to pull down the masculine, then feminism loses its highest ideal. It becomes an egocentric activity.
The ultimate goal of feminism is to retain harmony and balance between men and women.

This sense of balance should be felt both within and outside.