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Elderly Care: 9 Leisure Activities to Improve Brain Health

Simple leisure activities can boost brain functions in the elderly. Learn more…
Social isolation/loneliness have a negative impact on cognitive ability in the elderly.
We must engage them in fun activities where they get a scope to enhance their brain power.
Playing Chess
Concentration and decision making skills improve.
Deriving right word from a given clue strengthens thinking and reasoning skills.
To solve number game with accuracy, we need to retain information in mind. Regular practice improves memory.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Matching different parts of jigsaw requires analytical skills. It builds confidence to deal with daily challenges.
Rubik’s Cube
The process to crack and solve Rubik’s Cube sharpens brain's problem solving skills.
Origami/Paper Craft
Experimenting with paper folding patterns is fun. It also improves creative thinking and hand-eye coordination.
Working with colors relieves stress and anxiety. Moreover, creating a new piece of art gives a sense of satisfaction.
Cooking and Baking
Mindfulness is essential here or else we may miss an ingredient. Elderly people can thus get over forgetfulness.
Taking care of a garden requires focus and attention. An emotional bond grows with plants that keeps brain healthy and happy.
Thinking mind of the elderly stays active and alert with these activities. See to it that they practice their choice of activity daily.