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Eco-friendly Practices for Sustainable Living

Eco-friendly practices are important to keep the environment safe. Know more…
Eco-friendly practice at individual level is an initiative to live with less demands and make earth’s resources more sustainable.
Here is a quick reminder about 11 eco-friendly practices in daily life that can make big differences:
Carry your own reusable bag for shopping. You can thus contribute towards reducing daily use of plastics.
Plastic waste management. Segregate plastic wastes and send them for recycling.
Stop wastage of food on dinner table. Decomposed food wastes dumped in landfills release harmful gases in the environment.
Save every drop of water at home. Use low flow faucets and fixtures to minimize wastage of water in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garden and more.
Collect rainwater for future usage. Arrange barrels/drums in open areas to store rainwater flowing down from various surfaces like rooftop.
Save paper. Reduce usage of paper in home, office, and school. Reuse one-sided papers, envelopes, folders, gift wraps as many times as you can.
Save electricity. Never forget to turn off lights and other electrical appliances when you do not need them.
Fight the temptation to shop a pile of new clothes every week. Some of which you may never wear.
Do not hesitate to repeat your clothes every now and then.Make alterations in old clothes or add accessories to look trendy.
These two lifestyle changes will reduce volume of clothing wastes that go to landfills and pollute groundwater, soil, and air.
Practice minimalism when it comes to electronic gadgets. Buy goods which you need and not for the sake of discounts available on them.
Digital minimalism is equally important. Decrease daily energy consumption with mindful use of digital technology.
These eco-friendly practices in daily life pave the way for protection of the environment and its beings from man-made damage.