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DIY Ideas to Declutter Your Office Desk

Need to clean off your desk? Here are some decluttering tips for you…
At the start of New Year, let's organize workspace and start afresh on a happy note.
Donate/sell old computers, printers, and other unused gadgets to people who can repair them or utilize usable spare parts.
Sell off old newspapers and magazines to declutter your office desk.
Book lovers pile up old books on desk which they will never read again. Donate those books to a library.
Segregate one-side printed scrap papers in a separate basket. Reuse blank side to take notes or prepare to-do list.
Cords and cables get tangled with each other and clutter office desk. Use cable ties/clips to keep them neat and untangled.
Keep your desk dust-free. Wipe off monitor, desk, and other devices with a damp cloth daily. Dust off keyboard using a brush.
Check out this handy cleaning tool
Desk Organizer
Invest in a drawer for sorting office supplies by category. Pens, markers, clips, scissors, sticky notes, etc. thus have a designated storage space.
Get an adjustable laptop stand to save desk space. Change its height to maintain a healthy posture while working.
Limit the clutter on office desk by having a computer and a few personal items such as: phone, planner, coffee mug and water bottle.