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Cultivate Respect for Varied Opinions on Social Media

Social media provide us a wonderful platform for free self-expression. It is a melting pot of opinions of people from diverse backgrounds.
People using unacceptable language to disrespect others.
Cyberaggression is on the rise.
The need of the hour is cultivating respect for varied opinions on social media and create positive environment in cyber world.
The exciting part of varied opinions coming on social media is that we get an excellent opportunity to build a new perspective.
Accept that different viewpoints can coexist not just on social media platforms but everywhere around us.
Passing negative judgment about a person based on social media posts is wrong. Ask questions for more clarity.
Think before you give any response to other’s opinion. One ugly remark can affect mental health of an entire online community.
Pay attention to your choice of words. Express disagreement politely without using provocative language.
Never try to normalize use of slang words or terms on public platforms. Avoid words which you cannot utter in front of real world.
Reframe your remarks to eliminate every single word which has the potential to hurt someone.
Get out of reactive mindset.
Train your mind not to overreact on petty, irrelevant issues. You can thus reduce stress and prevent conflicts.
If you dislike some people's opinions, abstain from clicking their posts. Feel free to block them too for your overall wellbeing.
Lead by example.
Respectful behavior from your side can inspire others to maintain respect and civility.
We may not agree with many views shared online but must cultivate respect for varied opinions with an open mind.