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Cool Travel Gear for Women on Solo Trip

Before you step out for a solo adventure, find your key requirements along the way for a safe and comfortable travel experience.
Trendy Waterproof Backpack
We love backpack as it keeps hands free. Grab waterproof one if you enjoy travelling in the rains.
Water Floating Dry Bag
Where kayaking, rafting, boating, river trekking are in your travel plans, you cannot leave home without this waterproof sack.
Carry-on Duffel Bag
Dump inside it whatever you may need on the go - 
tickets, booking docs, water bottle, snacks, comb, phone charger, headphones, etc.
Foldable Waterproof Duffel Bag
Take it as a laundry bag to bring back used clothes and wet clothes from beach separately.
Multi-Pocket Storage Organizer
Consists of spacious pockets to arrange in order various travel needs including books / tablets.
Girls Travel  Wallet
A wallet with many card slots is a smart choice as it is safer to carry cards than cash in a solo travel.
No matter which time of the year you are travelling, wear sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
UV Protection Sunglasses
Eco-Friendly Electronic Insect Repellent
A powerful device for protection from mosquito/insect bites and potential threats of infection.
Rechargeable LED Flashlight
The torch not only helps you to navigate in dark and low light areas but also acts as sturdy hammer in serious survival situations.