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Compliment Your Mirror and Feel Positive

For the ladies... share the best empowering thoughts with your reflection on the mirror and see the difference.
A woman is often flooded with nice compliments for her looks, clothes, perfumes, jewelry, shoes, and more.
All good compliments are for her physical appearance only and as long as she meets the stereotypical beauty standards.
The fact remains that nobody can match up to the ideal parameters of beauty standards all the time.
Pimple outbreaks, dark circles, patchy skin, hair loss, weight gain and more such “flaws” are part of your reality.
Photogenic filters and makeup cannot always hide the so-called physical imperfections.
You have to face the mirror at the end of the day and accept your zero-makeup look.
If you constantly judge yourself on the basis of other people’s remarks, you will be engulfed with insecurities and low self-esteem soon.
Rather, look beyond the physical self to acknowledge the real power of being a woman.
Offer compliments to your mirror image to express gratitude for the wonderful person that you are.
6 Personal Favorite Compliments for My Mirror Image
I am happy with the way I look and feel.
I don’t need validation from others on my physical appearance.
I own up all my flaws and I have no intention to be flawless any time soon.
I am not afraid of other people’s opinion about me because I know myself really well.
I don’t mind if I am misunderstood. It means, people need more time to understand me.
I set my own rules.
Thankfully, other people don’t make the rules for me.