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Common Ways to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

Potable water is a rare resource. We must minimize misuse of water and maximize reuse of water in different areas at home.
These are 12 common ways to reduce water wastage in kitchen, laundry, garden, etc. and ensure judicious use of every drop of water.
Keep aside water after washing home-grown organic fruits and vegetables. Reuse it for watering houseplants.
Similarly, do not throw away water after boiling pasta, rice, or vegetables. Pour it into garden soil provided it does not contain cooking salt.
Avoid defrosting frozen food using water. Even though thawing inside fridge takes more time, it saves water.
Use sufficient water for proper cooking of food. In case, you put excess water, it will be a wastage.
Choose the right size of cooking pan. You need extra water to prepare a small quantity of food in a large pan.
Never discard leftover ice cubes at home. Allow them to melt in a bowl and use the water for some other purpose.
Before cleaning utensils in kitchen sink, soak them in water for 30 minutes. Running water does not go waste while scraping out food crust and grime from utensils
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Run washing machine and dishwasher in full capacity and prevent wastage of water in each round of washing.
Reuse leftover laundry water for washing outdoor areas like lawn and driveway.
Drain out aquarium water into garden soil. It is a rich source of nutrients which are essential for plant growth.
Do not leave the tap running when you are busy brushing or shaving or using face wash.
Repair all leaky faucets and cracked pipes at the earliest. We fail to calculate actual water loss due to continuous dripping from these spots.
Install low-flow fixtures for home. Shower heads, taps that regulate flow of water can reduce wastage.