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Chopsticks Fun Facts and Trivia

Chopstick is an interesting piece of cutlery. Explore its history and more…
Chopsticks set comes as a thin pair of sticks which are equal in length and tapered at one end.
Functions like tongs and widely used for eating specific Asian dishes.
Historical evidence suggests that chopstick originated in China around 5000 years ago in 3rd century BC.
Strangely, it was not used as cutlery back then. It was utilized in cooking to stir both food and fire and to serve hot food from pot.
Popular belief is that chopstick got its name from the Chinese phrase “CHOP CHOP” which means quickly or without delay.
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There are 5 more Asian countries where chopsticks are irreplaceable on dinner table:
1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Vietnam
4. Singapore
5. Malaysia.
Standard size of chopsticks is 25cm . You may have seen 30-40cm long chopsticks. Those are used for cooking.
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Bamboo/wood chopsticks are most popular. Chopsticks made of metal, plastic, porcelain, and ivory are also available.
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There are different variations of chopsticks to suit the culture of different countries…
Example 1
Chinese chopsticks are longer and thicker. People there eat in a group and share food across the table using these long chopsticks.
Example 2
Japanese chopsticks have sharp pointed tips as people eat a lot of seafood with it.
Example 3
Korean chopsticks are mostly made of metals like sterling silver with decorated design.
Before the meals, chopsticks are set on a food plate/bowl in horizontal right to left position with tips at the left. 
After the meals, place used chopsticks in parallel position on chopstick holder or food plate/bowl. Never put them anywhere on the table. 
Pointing chopsticks at someone is a sign of disrespect. Be careful!
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