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Beach Travel: Why the Seaview is Mesmerizing?

Beach travel is refreshing and there is something more to it. Trying to reflect upon those happy feelings through words.
I like to travel to the sea beaches simply because I feel most connected with myself out there. I can see the real me closely.
I can spend hours in the beach quietly.

Just looking at the sea is so relaxing.

All thoughts disappear from mind and a sense of calm sets in.
5 Things I Like About the Beach
As I approach the beach, the roaring sound of the waves can be heard from a distance.

That gorgeous sound brings a smile and reminds me how much I missed the place.
Then the first view of the sea - can’t keep my eyes off it.

The vastness of the sea with its natural blue color expanse soothes the eyes.
Large waves rushing in, crashing on the shore and splashing water all around.
Listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves feels like music to the ears.

It releases all pent-up emotions.
The soft touch of the wet sand on the feet while walking on the beach bare feet.
I savor the thrust of the gusty wind filled with mists and salty smell upon my face.
The whole ambience restores balance in my life.

My mind, heart and soul act in sync without any conflicts.
Two self-made rules that I strictly follow in my beach travel..
No use of electronic devices.
No strewing of food packets, empty bottles, plastic bags, etc. on the beach.

Keeping the beach clean is important.