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Beach Travel: How to Keep Beaches Clean and Save Marine Life

Sharing eco-friendly tips to keep beaches clean and save marine life. Dive in…
Sea beach is a place of delight for many of us. However, marine litters from our beach travel is a matter of serious concern.
Beach pollution is a big threat to marine plants, animals, and birds that include many endangered species.
Plastic items like food packets, empty bottles, plastic bags left by us on beach can suffocate marine creatures to death.
What can we do?
We must pay heed to 9 best practices during a travel to keep beaches clean and save marine life.
Bring reusable water bottles. Refill it from local restaurants and eateries as per your need.
We see dumps of used disposable cups all along shoreline. Carry your own travel mug for tea/coffee to minimize this mess.
Refuse plastic straw with a drink. Ask for a paper straw. If not available, have it without a straw.
When you bring snacks from home, use reusable food containers, plates, and cutlery. Put leftovers back to food basket and keep beaches clean.
Similarly, after having tea from beachside stall, do not throw away used tea bag mindlessly. Put into your food basket to dispose it later.
Locate public trash cans on the beach. Dispose wastes in them with care. If a bin is overfull, do not dump anything on its top.
A safer option - carry a small trash box to collect your junk. Dispose it later in a bin outside beach area.
Many travelers throw leftover snacks at marine creatures and get close to their resting spot for selfies.
Those snacks are bad for their health and litter habitats. We must stop such activities to save marine life.
Local communities follow certain eco-friendly rituals for ages to protect marine creatures and their habitats. Show respect to such traditions.
Physical cleaning of a beach is tough job. Hence, we must spread awareness to keep beaches clean and save marine life.