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A Future Without Plastics – What to Expect

Reflecting upon some of my expectations here as we are trying to build a future world without plastics.
The problem of plastic pollution is a cause of concern.
Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. It does not undergo decomposition.
Plastic breaks down into shredded pieces to mix up with soil and water bodies as pollutants.
If we do not control use of plastics now, there will be more plastics in oceans than marine life.
Time is ticking out and we must be prepared to embrace changes for a future without plastics.
We shall use reusable cloth bags, jute bags, crochet bags and even recycled paper bags, instead of plastic bags.
At a restaurant or café, we shall stop buying single-use plastic bottled water and drink water from a dispenser in recycled paper cups.
We shall replace synthetic textiles in wardrobe with clothes made of organic cotton, recycled wool and other plant fibers like jute, bamboo, hemp, etc.
Solid Wood furniture and bamboo furniture will add elegance and warmth to our home interiors.

Another durable substitute for plastic furniture is metal furniture.
Non-stick cookware set in our kitchens will be replaced by cast iron skillets.
Other options - pots / pans made of stainless steel and enameled cookware set.
A future without plastic means cleaner cities, parks, gardens and beaches. No flooding due to clogging of drains by plastic bags.
We can imagine a buzzing marine life with various aquatic species living happily inside oceans in a plastic-free world.
We are eager to set up a future without plastics and save our planet.
It will be a reality ONLY if we reduce plastic consumption immediately.