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9 Simple Tips to Make Up Your Mind in New Year

Here are some tips to make up your mind and be a good decision maker…
We all are making a fresh start in this New Year and wish to transform various aspects of life that matter to us.
We need to make up our mind to bring about any major changes in life.
How to make up your mind for tough decisions is often a big question. First, breathe easy and then take some simple steps.
1. Set a timeframe within which you will make up your mind. Give yourself a week or two and not more than that.
2. Organize your thoughts.
Write down why you want to take the decision. What are the options available.
3. If you discover too many options are available, select only 2-3 of them.
4. Evaluate each option with care.
Particularly, the risk factors involved with it. Are you in a position to handle that risk?
Example: If your decision goes wrong, it may lead to monetary loss. Can you afford to lose that money? If yes, then only go for it.
5. Dwell on your final decision for a day.
Do not overthink but check out whether you feel comfortable with all possible consequences associated with it.
6. Take expert opinion, where required.
As an introvert, I am not in favor of taking friends or family’s opinion on my personal decisions...
However, it is always good to consult an expert.
Example: Before ending a relationship, one must speak to a good therapist.
7. Stay flexible.
In case your second thought and expert opinion hint that it’s a wrong decision, do not hesitate to flip your decision.
8. Stay positive.
As you make up your mind for a tough decision, you must nurture positive thoughts. Do not allow imaginary negative thoughts to rush in.
9. Train your brain not to blame.
You made up your mind after weighing all options. If it goes wrong, accept the outcome, and move on without any regret.