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9 Indoor Plant Care Tips for Autumn and Winter

Indoor plants need some special care in autumn and winter. Know more…
Indoor plants must receive sufficient daylight for survival in autumn and winter...
Daytime shortens in these months but daylight requirement of your leafy friends remains the same.
Keep plant leaves clean.
Wipe them with a damp washcloth. It helps plants to utilize daylight easily.
Dry indoor air of autumn and winter is challenging for your plants. To meet their humidity needs:
Use humidifier or
Mist plants frequently or
Keep a water-filled tray under plant pot.
Try to keep all indoor plants in close proximity to add warmth and help them bear the cold.
Keep houseplants away from source of heat as direct heat exposure dries them up.
Similarly, keep plants at a distance from doors and windows to protect them from cold winds.
Houseplants do not need much water during this period. Dig a finger into the soil. When it feels dry, add a little water.
Indoor plants do not need fertilizer during this period. Resume fertilizing in spring when they start growing.
Pest attack may happen in these months. If you notice any sign, wipe off that part with damp cotton ball.
Follow these indoor plant care tips to keep them healthy and happy in cold and dark months of the year.