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8 Surprising Facts About Sleeping

Brush up your knowledge about different sleeping patterns and habits here…
We all like to get a sound sleep simply because nothing else can relax our body and mind so well.
Every individual has unique sleep requirements. I know people who can manage their day with 4-5 hours of sleep.
I need 7-8 hours of sleep for normal functioning. When I sleep for more than 8 hours, I feel sluggish throughout the day.
Do you feel humans spending 1/3rd of a day sleeping is a waste of time? Think again.
A cat spends 2/3rd of a day sleeping. A lion can sleep 20 hours in a day.
Giraffe needs very little sleep. It sleeps for just 40 minutes to 2 hours in a day that too with intervals in between.
An elephant living in captivity like zoo sleeps for longer duration than those living in natural habitat.
Sleeping habits of humans are different from other animals on earth.
All mammals fall asleep as soon as they feel sleepy, except human beings. We have this strange habit to stay up beyond our bedtime with or without any reason.
We don’t fall asleep as soon as we hit the bed. We stay awake for 10-20 minutes before we slip into our dreamland.
Screen time before going to bed can delay onset of sleep by 2 hours.
High altitude can cause sleep deprivation.
You can tackle mild sleeping problem with a consistent sleep schedule where you go to bed at a fixed time and wake up at a fixed time.