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8 Perfect Pearl Care Tips for Lasting Luster

Know how to take care of a delicate piece of pearl jewelry…
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Pearls often lose its natural shine and color due to careless handling.
 Follow these 8 pearl care tips to retain its perfect luster.

Keep a dedicated jewelry box only for pearls. Soft surface of pearl gets scratches when stored with other types of jewelry.
Pearls do not need airtight jewelry box. Put them in a breathable box with satin or velvet lining.
Always keep pearl jewelry away from direct heat and sunlight.
Hair spray and perfume can cause discoloration of pearls. Use these sprays before you wear pearl jewelry.
After every use, wipe off sweat and cosmetic residues from every pearl with a soft, dry, lint-free or microfiber cloth for a lasting luster.
Wipe old pearls with a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing detergent for deep cleaning. Allow it to dry before storing in box.
Restring pearls once a year with silk or nylon thread. Do not use gold thread as it tends to wear out faster.
Regular use of pearl jewelry is important as a touch of moisture from human skin prevents pearls from drying out.