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8 Life Skills That Make Introverts Effective Leaders

Introverts handle leadership roles differently. Know how it is unique…
There is a social acceptance that extroverts are good charismatic leaders.
However, introverts have mastered certain life skills that bring them appreciation as leaders.
Active listening skills.
Introverts listen to people with respect and empathy. It gives confidence to the team to share ideas and opinions.
Introverts are keen observers.
A powerful tool for talent assessment. They guide everyone to focus on their strength to achieve collective goals at work. 
Decision making skills.
Their strong intuitive power is well-known. It gives  a clear vision and equip them to take right decision.
Introvert leaders inspire teams to be self-sufficient with zero intrusion into their space and let them work alone.
Introverts do not overreact. In case of disputes, they respond to anger calmly and prevent serious blow up.
Conflict resolution skills.
Time management skills.
Introverts manage time better for two reasons:
1. They give priority to work at hand and block out distractions.

2. They maintain a well-organized workflow.
Introverts can endure a lot.
They do not buckle down under pressure in difficult times.
Introverts stay away from spotlight.
Help other team members to shine, get social attention, and win accolades.

These life skills lie behind the quiet power of introvert leaders and they survive in an extrovert business world.