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8 Happy Effects of Monsoon (Rainy Season)

Reflecting upon 8 reasons to love the rains…
Each season of the year has its joy but monsoon is special.
Let me explain why.
Monsoon brings an end to summer season. We heave a sigh of relief! No more hot and humid conditions.
Mesmerizing dark cloudy sky just before the rains. You cannot keep your eyes off the vast stretch of pitch-dark clouds.
Floating dark clouds spark imagination. Like, I believe a light touch of hand on rain-filled clouds can bring down rain instantly!
A fresh earthy scent fills the air we breathe as soon as big, fat raindrops fall on dry and dusty summer soil.
Soothing sounds of rain. When it rains for long hours, that pitter-patter rhythm brings peace and calmness around us.
Our leafy friends in home garden welcome rains with a grin. Summer heat makes them dull and lifeless...
After a rainfall, they feel fresh and show off their natural greenly glow all over again.
Monsoon celebration with spicy hot tea. I am a coffee lover but I need black tea with some extra ginger to enjoy rains from my window.
Hot and crispy fritters (pakoda) on a rainy day. Even hastily done onion pakoda smells and tastes great when it is raining outside.
Umbrellas in different shapes, shades and designs on the streets. It enhances look and feel of the outdoor view.