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8 Digital Detox Tips That Work for Beginners

Digital detox is aimed to reduce our screen time. Here are some tips that work…
Digital detox is all about unplugging from digital world to reconnect with the real world.
As a professional, you cannot bring down your screen time at work.
However, moderation is necessary when it comes to social media and other activities in digital world.
As a beginner, digital detox challenge is going to be tough. It gets easier afterwards.
Set a realistic goal.
Keep aside a few hours in a day when you will not touch phone, tablet, computer, or any other digital gadgets.
Many people have this habit to check phone on dining table and inside bedroom. To start with, stop use of phone in these two areas.
Stay offline 2 hours before bedtime and one hour after waking up in the morning.
Mute beeping notification of all apps and social media accounts which do not need urgent action.
Inform friends, colleagues, and family about designated hours when you will be away from phone.
You will feel a strong urge to check phone during digital detox hours. Train your mind to accept that it is not a punishment…
You are taking this challenge to break free from the addictive cycle of constant stimulation and distraction.
Select non-digital outdoor activities that sparks your joy like walking or jogging.
You have plethora of other choices to engage yourself in digital detox hours -
 Reading, Writing, Painting, Gardening, Cooking, Baking, to name a few.
Go out and meet someone you are close to. Sit in a park to have a simple chit-chat on topics not related to digital media.
After a week, reflect upon your digital detox hours. You can see deduction in few hours of screen time leads to addition of fun, joy, and peace in daily life.
As these digital detox tips work for you, opt for a screen free day and then a screen free week. The longer, the better!