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8 Common Signs That You Have a Creative Mind

How to know if you have a creative mind? Find out here…
Creative-minded people often wonder why are they different from others.
An unrest / uneasiness prevails until they discover a means of creative expression.
Here are 8 signs that indicate there is one artist/ musician/ writer/ actor hidden within you.

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Wonders of nature is a rich source of creative inspiration.
You are drawn to scenic beauty.
Vastness of night sky broadens our mental horizon. Breaks barriers that limit our creative thoughts.
You watch starry night sky for hours.
Creative elements like artwork, poetry, good piece of music, elegant dance moves, leave lasting impression on you.
Not a bad habit because a new creation emerges out of imagination.
You are often daydreaming.
You are lost in your own world even when you are surrounded with people.
That’s because you process  all emotional feelings for creative fulfilment.
You are sensitive.
You are a deep thinker.
Your mind connects with deeper self to come up with best set of ideas.
You may not be spontaneous like others and that's fine. Your mind is engaged with various creative processes.
You think analytically.
I believe you can relate with most of these signs of creative mind. If yes, start your creative journey now!
Creative life path is unique for every individual. Never compare your creative growth with others.