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8 Actionable Steps to Avoid Workplace Politics

Workplace politics exists and we cannot deny it. However, we have the choice whether to be a part of it or not.
Workplace politics is best to avoid as it can cause harm to career and put life under a lot of stress.
Take these actionable steps to avoid workplace politics and reduce mental stress.
Stay committed to work. Finish work with sincerity and dedication. It improves productivity and people don't get a chance to complain about you.
Say NO to gossips and rumors in any form. It gives out a strong and clear message that you do not take nonsense.
Set your own boundary and never allow people to cross it. An effective step to protect yourself from workplace manipulation.
Where required, stand up for yourself without showing any aggression. It gives you confidence and proves your self-worth.
Maintain a nice formal relationship with all. People avoid workplace politics if they feel comfortable around you.
Believe in team work. Include everyone in decision making process. Extend helping hand to fulfil team needs.
Keep a positive frame of mind at work even in trying times. It brings optimism and prevents entry of negative vibes in work environment.
Treat peers with respect. You meet people with different traits, characters, habits, and behaviors in an organization.
Your politeness wins hearts and builds mutual trust with them which is great for resolving conflicts/disputes.
These actionable steps to avoid workplace politics will make you competent to be neutral/transparent and preserve healthy working conditions.