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7 Tips to Counter Boredom at Workplace

Boredom at workplace is quite common. Here are 7 anti-boredom tips to help you out.
Boredom at workplace gives a constant sense of dissatisfaction. It may even lead to unmanageable stress.
Take some quick action to break the sameness at workplace and outside.
Change the look and feel of your workstation...
Add fresh flowers, family photos, colorful wallpaper to create a new work ambience.
Start your day at work with tasks which you find interesting.
Bond with your colleagues outside work.
Exchange ideas with them to make your work more creative and interesting.
Challenge your brain daily.
Solve Crosswords, Puzzles, Sudoku, Quiz, etc. to improve problem solving skills.
Upgrade your professional skills.
 Join a short-term training program online to learn something new that can boost career growth.
Relaxation after work is important to get back your rhythm at work the next day...
Unwind at home by cooking new dishes, reading new books, listening soothing music or anything you enjoy.
Pursue a hobby.
Involve in an interesting activity which is offline, not related to daily work and keeps you cheerful...
You may start any of these - Painting, Writing, Singing, Playing Musical Instruments, Knitting, Gardening, Team Sports, etc.
A boring day at work or a bad day at work is OKAY.

When boredom makes you unproductive, you must use these ideas to bring back passion in what you do.