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7 Key Life Lessons from the Elderly for Better Living

Our elders provided us proper guidance we needed to start our journey on this earth.
Today, many of them depend on us for their daily care. Still, we continue to learn a new lesson or two from them every day.
During meaningful interactions, we get 7 key life lessons from the elderly that are source of inspiration for all ages.
Keep a flexible approach towards life.
They have their own perspectives and opinions but are ready to break the mold at any time.
Sense of integrity is precious.
They always follow ethics/ strict values to ensure fair and impartial judgements.
Stay Humble.
They have sharpened various difficult skills over the years. However, they never boast. Praise them only to see their cutest smile.
Be resilient.
They accept both good and bad that life has to offer with calm demeanor. No grudges.
Stay strong and courageous.
They stepped out of comfort zone so many times that fears and doubts no longer exist in their system.
Appreciate simple things in life - relationships, memories, beauty of nature, etc.
This sense of satisfaction and fulfilment keep them jovial forever.
Never grow tired of learning new things.
Once I was a bit hesitant to gift a smartphone to an elderly family member.
To my surprise, she learned basic features of that phone within a couple of weeks. Soon, she started enjoying mobile games!
These life lessons from the elderly are key to build a positive outlook against all odds and live a better life.