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7 Ideal Ways to Encourage Women at Workplace

Encouraging women at workplace is important to promote gender diversity. Know more…
Many talented women give up their professional career due to lack of appreciation at workplace.
She is already under pressure to balance the needs of career and domestic duties.
Here, subtle encouragement from colleagues and management for her efforts to tackle multiple challenges can keep her going.
Assign her projects keeping in mind her capability and not her gender.
Give due credit for her performance. Many men try to take away the limelight from women team members at workplace.
Consider high achieving women for leadership roles. Women are keen to explore their leadership qualities.
Give her a sense of safety when she shares her business ideas, opinions, and suggestions. People can disagree with her but don’t allow them to suppress her voice.
Close the gender pay gap.
The day she receives equal payment as men in the same job role, she feels her hard work is being valued by the organization.
Give positive feedback to learn and grow but no microscopic scrutiny to find fault in her work just because she is a woman.
Extend help and support when she is anxious and worried. It's OKAY to break down even if she is a “mentally strong” woman.
People may assume that a woman likes compliments for her beauty. She actually feels better when applauded for her workplace contributions and achievements.