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7 Effective Ways to Avoid Wastage of Food

Wastage of food is a big problem all over the world. It is avoidable to a great extent if we act more sensibly.
Food Waste Example.

We planned a dinner with friends at a restaurant. Ordered more food than what we could eat there. Left loads of food on our plates which ultimately went to waste bins.
Tons of food get wasted on a daily basis because of our negligence. Such wastage is not confined to restaurants or parties, food waste in households is also quite common.
Waste of food is waste of money and more. The love, care and effort put into the preparation of food also get wasted.
Most importantly, we should stop wastage of food simply to show some respect towards those people who don’t have any food to eat and sleep hungry every night.
What Can We Do to Stop Wastage of Food?
Buy grocery as per requirement.

Don’t overbuy food just because there is some discount on bulk purchase. You must have a plan to utilize that bulk amount of food.
Check best before or expiry date while buying frozen and canned foods.

This will ensure you have enough time to consume and thus you prevent wastage.
Follow FIFO (First In First Out) method to store perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry inside refrigerator.

This means you keep the old items in front and use them first.
Accurate meal planning can reduce wastage of food at the dinner table.

You want your family to be well fed. That does not mean you cook so much extra food that it cannot be finished and becomes a wastage.
Take extra care while serving food. Serve that much food on the plate which one can eat comfortably.
Make optimum use of cooked leftover foods after the meals.

Put them inside the refrigerator within 2 hours after dividing them into small containers.

Use them up as snacks or in the next meal.
People often don’t mind wasting food in the restaurant just because they are paying for it.

A sensible approach is to pack the leftover foods and bring them home.