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6 Types of Exfoliants to Meet Your Skin Care Needs

In cold weather condition, regular exfoliation is essential to manage dull and lifeless skin. Have various exfoliants to scrub off dry layer of dead skin.
Bath Brush and Scrubber
Made of a long, curved handle that can access hard to reach areas like back, legs, and heels with ease.
Exfoliating Bath Sponge
An Ultra soft scrubber which is safe on both delicate facial skin as well as rest of the body.
Bath Brush with Silicone Sponge
Use its double-sided sponge in small circular motions for just 20-30 seconds and feel the difference.
Compressed Facial Sponge Strips
Thin sponge strip expands when you soak it in water. Then rub gently over facial skin to get rid of dirt and grime.
Exfoliating Bodywash with Salicylic Acid
An exfoliant with amazing anti-inflammatory qualities of Salicylic Acid that work well on acne-prone skin.
Bamboo Charcoal Clay Mask Stick
Extract dry and dead skin cells from clogged pores without causing any skin damage.
Use any exfoliation tool/ product 2-3 times a week only. Overuse can lead to skin irritation.