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6 Types of Brushes for Effective Home Cleaning

Deep cleaning of home is a tedious job. However, it becomes less exhausting with right kind of tools in hand.
Following 6 types of brushes can meet cleaning needs of different areas of your house effectively:
Washable Duster with Adjustable Pole Handle
Reaching corners of a ceiling or dusting off ceiling fans is no longer a big hassle as this duster has a stretchable handle.
Compact Floor Mop with Microfiber Strands
A twirling mop head fastened to long handle do the needful to pull out dirt from inaccessible areas like under the bed or couch.
Microfiber Floor Cleaning with Spray Mop
This cleaning tool has one special feature - an integrated spray mechanism that sprinkles water on the floor for wet mopping.
Groove Gap Cleaning Brush
Pick this brush to clean up hard-to-reach grooves of windows and door tracks.
Fabric Cleaning Brush
Longish bristles dig out dust particles from soft fabric materials of rugs, carpets, doormats, and blankets.
Wiping Brush for Glass and Tile Surfaces
Perfect for cleaning glass doors, windows and similar narrow spaces with smooth surfaces.
These handy brushes are the most useful cleaning aids you can get to extract dirt and debris from all corners / crevices and get a spotless and sparkling home.