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6 Simple Kitchen Hacks for Indian Home Cooks

My first kitchen hack aims to reduce stress for those home cooks who cannot tackle rolling pin and board to make roti or chapati.
As you roll the pin, rolling board slips away.
It happens when you press the pin too hard on rolling board.
Spread a kitchen towel under rolling board. Now, even if you put extra pressure on rolling pin, the board will not move.
Getting round shape of roti / chapati from dough ball is also a tough call for many Indian home cooks. 
First, roll out a chapati without bothering about its irregular shape. Then use a pizza cutter wheel to cut out that perfect round shape of a chapati.
We do not like tears rolling down our cheeks while chopping onions. Here is a simple hack to avoid it:
Take an empty plastic packet with enough space for a cutting board inside it. Slit the base of packet to make a hollow casing.
Insert knife and board into that packet and cut onion inside it. You will not get tears anymore.
In damp weather, take extra care of your salt jar. Stored salt clumps after soaking moisture. Later, it turns into a hard chunk.
Add a teaspoon of dry rice powder into salt jar to prevent lumps.

Likewise, drop uncooked rice grains into salt shaker to keep salt dry in it.
A gravy of onion, ginger, garlic is common in Indian household. It tastes great but leaves a typical smell on cooking/storing utensils.
Dishwashing soap is not effective on stinky vessels. Rinse them with vinegar and hot water to get rid of that strong spicy smell.
Thorough cleaning of mixer bowl after use gets difficult as you cannot access food particles stuck under its blade.
Add a cup of water into the bowl, close its lid and spin it once to flush out clogged food residues. Then wash it as usual.
Hope these 6 simple kitchen hacks for Indian home cooks will make your cooking, storing, and cleaning tasks less tedious.