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6 Simple Facts About Elderly Care That You Must Know

On this World Senior Citizen’s Day, let’s get a closer look into the world of older adults…
World Senior Citizen’s Day is observed on August 21 every year to acknowledge the contributions made by elderly people in our society.
Older adults deserve our genuine care and attention not just on this day but all through the year.
There is no doubt quality of life of senior citizens has improved due to advancement in healthcare.
However, they often feel isolated from mainstream community life.
Elderly members in our family feel happy if we can take some time out exclusively for them everyday.
Spending time with them can be an enriching experience provided we follow a proper caring approach.
Help them with their regular tasks only when they ask for it. They gain confidence when they can manage their own tasks.
Have conversations with them on topics other than their health issues. Let them speak. Hear them out with a bit of patience.
Value their opinions while taking decisions on issues related to them.
Engage in some activities with them to keep them active and alert. It can be gardening, baking, watching TV or any other activity they like.
Avoid giving instructions when they are at work. Rather, say some words of encouragement for what they are doing right.
Older adults love to socialize with their peer group. Arrange some small social gatherings for them if their health permits.
Parting Note
After years of interactions with elderly loved ones, I can assure you getting along with them is not tough at all. They are easy going with all age groups.