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6 Creative Benefits of Journaling for Budding Writers

Journaling helps you to evolve as a writer. Find out how…
Journaling is a habit of writing for yourself. Some people prefer daily journaling while others may write occasionally.
You can write about anything under the sky in a journal.
Examples: Daily routine, a special event, your favorite iconic personality, your deepest feelings/emotions which you don't share with anyone.
You can do this daily reporting with pen and paper or type it out on your computer / smartphone.
As a teenager, I enjoyed writing on paper.
Now, I feel comfortable to type because making corrections or rewriting is easier.
Journaling can play a major role in growth and development of your creativity as a writer.
This practice of daily journaling builds the right mindset required for writing.
Journaling helps you to organize your scattered thoughts and emotions for a new creation.
You learn to read your mind and convert your thoughts into words.
You develop this ability to frame good sentences with appropriate words which is the most difficult part of writing.
Read old pages of journal and analyze your work. Revise and edit to make them better. Thus, you can gaze your progress as a writer.
You can also figure out which genre of writing is suitable for you.
 You need not be a teenager to start journaling. You can start this creative journey at any age to have fun playing with words!