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5 Effective Ways to Avoid Fast Fashion

When we follow fast fashion, we often end up buying plenty of clothes. A little bit of planning can help us to avoid this trend.
Fast fashion emerged as a flourishing business some 20-25 years ago when new technology was introduced into garment making. As a result, dress making was no longer a time-consuming process.
Fast fashion is a temptation to buy new clothes frequently. It is quite similar to the temptation we feel towards fast food.
Some people follow fast fashion out of peer pressure just because they want to look trendy and stylish in their peer group.
Some people are addicted to buy new clothes every weekend throughout the year. They shop to unwind and feel relaxed.
Fast fashion often forces us to buy some clothes which we don’t even need.
How Can We Avoid Fast Fashion?
Buy lesser number of clothes. Learn to take this conscious decision to shop as per necessity and not to fulfil heart’s desire.
Before you start shopping, prepare a list of items that you actually need to buy. Stick to this shopping list while on the floor or on E-commerce site. Thus, you can avoid impulsive buying.
Shop when you actually need to upgrade your wardrobe with some new clothes and not because you are getting trendy clothes at throw-away prices on a Sale.
I don’t mind picking up a dress made of high quality, recyclable fabric materials. It will be slightly expensive. However, it is sustainable and I can wear it several times.
Make it a habit to repeat your clothes. There is nothing wrong in it. If required, you can mix and match with beautiful accessories to look different.
If you still don’t feel motivated to avoid fast fashion, then think of the negative impact of these large volumes clothing wastes on the environment.
You will never feel the need to buy clothes mindlessly just to follow fast fashion.