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5 Simple Hacks to Use Lemon in Indian Kitchen

My mother was a homemaker who happily dedicated her life to kitchen doing daily chores with lots of love and care.
Recently, I discovered my mother’s old notebook which is loaded with some mind-blowing kitchen hacks.
I have collected 5 simple hacks to use lemon in kitchen from that notebook.
Kitchen Hack #1
When outer skin of a lemon turns hard and brown, you cannot cut it with knife.
Soak the lemon in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes. It makes its hard skin soft and you can cut it with knife.
Kitchen Hack #2
We avoid buying lemons in bulk as it dries up quickly. Here is how to keep lemons fresh for a month.
Take a glass jar with a tight lid. Fill it with enough water to soak the lemons. Put lemons and close its lid.
Leave the jar inside fridge and change its water after every 2 days. Lemons will remain fresh for weeks.
Kitchen Hack #3
When you need only a few drops of lemon juice, there is no need to cut the lemon.
Roll washed lemon on a clean, hard surface to soften its skin. Then it is easy to prick a hole into the lemon.
Squeeze out lemon juice as per your needs. Close its hole with a toothpick and put it back to fridge.
Kitchen Hack #4
When we boil rice in a large quantity, rice grains tend to break and turn sticky.
Add some lemon juice into cooking rice to prevent breaking of rice grains.
Kitchen Hack #5
Add dry lemon zest (outer layer of peel) into jar of castor sugar and secure its lid properly.
When you add this castor sugar into cake/ pudding, it will have a mild lemony flavor and smell.
Try these age-old simple hacks to use lemon in kitchen and minimize food waste.