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15 Watering Tips to Keep Indoor Cactus Healthy

All types of cactus can survive extreme dry climate for months because it has a special ability to store water necessary for its growth.
Still, water plays a vital role to keep cactus strong.
These 15 watering tips will save indoor cactus from health problems related to overwatering/underwatering.
Spring to summer time is growing season for cactus. Watering session at regular intervals, every week or fortnight, promotes active growth.
In fall and winter, cactus enters a dormant phase and may not need any water at all. Where required, water it after a gap of 4-6 weeks.
Watering schedule varies as per shape and size of pot too. Indoor cactus in small /shallow container has more frequent demands for water.
In all seasons, test moisture level of soil first. Dig a finger into soil:
If it feels moist, no watering for now.
If it feels dry, water it right now.
Water cactus generously to saturate soil. Stop watering when it starts draining out from hole under the pot.
Watering on top of cactus plant is a bad practice. Soak soil surface with water but not its stems / spines.
Use a watering can with narrow spout to avoid splashing on leaves and spines.
For a delicate mini cactus, use a syringe for watering.
Wet cactus stem tends to invite unwanted mold growth. After watering, wipe off water droplets on prickly plant with paper towel.
Early morning is ideal time for watering cactus. Soil will dry up by evening and thus chance of pest attack decreases.
Avoid watering cactus when sunlight is too strong and temperature is high.
Purified, distilled water is a safe option for indoor cactus. It prevents deposits of harmful mineral salts on soil.
Cactus cannot tolerate hot or ice-cold water. Use water at room temperature during summer and slightly warmer water in winter.
Indoor cactus plant does not like watering soon after repotting. Give it a couple of days to settle down in new pot and then apply water.
Cactus prefers drier soil. Plastic pots keep soil damp for a long time. Hence, plant your cactus in a clay or ceramic pot where soil dries up fast after watering.