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15 Summer Food Safety Tips for Home Cooks

Keeping food safe in summers is challenging. Follow these simple food safety tips…
Food-borne illnesses are on the rise in summer season due to bacterial overgrowth in hot and humid conditions.
When outdoor temperature is in the range of 4 - 60°C, bacteria multiply faster. We must keep perishable foods at a temperature above or below this range.
Set refrigerator temperature at around 2-4°C to prevent spoilage of food stored inside it.
Raw meats, poultry, eggs, seafood should go inside fridge within 1 hour of purchase. Utilize them within 2-5 days.
Milk and dairy products spoil easily in summer. Refrigerate them as soon as possible after purchase and after every use.
Refrigerator door is unsafe for storing milk and milk products as it gets warmer when we open the fridge. Store them on shelves or inside freezer.
Marinating raw food (meat, fish) at room temperature in summer is hazardous.
Store marinated food inside fridge. If required, marinate it for a longer duration to get desired results.
Cook raw meats, poultry, eggs on adequate heat to destroy harmful bacteria. Stir well to cook it from all sides.
Serve cooked foods within 1 hour after preparation.
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Bring out salads and frozen desserts from refrigerator just before serving.
Take good care of meal size to minimize leftover. Finish leftover food within 1-2 days at this time of the year.
Refrigerate freshly cooked food quickly, within 2 hours of cooking.
Store leftover in 2-3 small containers. Take out one at a time for reuse.
Wash used dishes, utensils, cutting boards properly and wipe with paper towel. Any food residue stuck on them can be a seat of harmful bacterial activity.
Lunchbox Food Safety
If you are taking food from home in lunchbox, opt for non-perishable foods. It is the safest option in summers.
Final Safety Tip
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When you need to carry perishable foods outdoors in summer, use a cooler filled with ice cubes.