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12 Tips for Mini Cactus Care in Home

How to take care of indoor mini cactus? Know here…
Mini cactus plant in a small pot looks cute in a living space but it requires more special care than the bigger ones.
Check out mini cactus care tips related to its 5 basic requirements:
1. Soil
2. Water
3. Light
4. Temperature and
5. Fertilizer.
Soil Requirements.
Soil of mini cactus and full-size cactus is the same. A light cactus potting mix made with plenty of sand and pebbles.
Mini cactus needs bright light for 4 hours in a day. However, it cannot tolerate high intensity sunlight like a full-size cactus.
Light Requirements.
Temperature Requirements.
In growing season of spring and summer, mini cactus tolerates high temperatures up to 33 degrees C.
Temperature Requirements.
In dormant phase of autumn and winter, indoor temperature must be around 8 degrees C.
Water Requirements.
Keep watering schedule of indoor mini cactus plant once a week in growing season.
Before each watering session...
Test soil moisture.  Dip a finger half-inch into the soil. If it is totally dry, water your cactus.
Soak the soil generously until water starts draining out of holes under the pot.
During winters, mini cactus in home survives without water. If the soil gets too dry, add little water after a gap of 3-4 weeks.
Fertilizer Requirements.
Feed mini cactus thrice during growing season - at the start of spring, summer, and fall.
Use light fertilizer meant for cactus/succulents. Water cactus first and then add a small dose of fertilizer when the soil is still wet.
Warning Sign 1
An unusually plump mini cactus is a sign of overwatering. Stop watering until it regains its natural shape.
Warning Sign 2
If vibrant color of mini cactus goes missing, it's due to excess sunlight. Shift it to a shaded spot away from direct sun.
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Mini cactus will never grow into a big cactus plant. Follow these mini cactus care tips to retain its rich color and beauty.