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12 Cactus Care Tips for Beginners

Sharing some simple cactus care tips to maintain a healthy growth of the houseplant. Read on…
Cactus is a spiny plant with thick and fleshy stems which can hold a lot of moisture.
Cactus as a houseplant is a unique wonder for the interiors.
Growing season of cactus is spring and summer.

Hence, ideal time to plant a cactus is either spring or summer.
Cactus Pot.
Plant Cactus in a shallow pot as it does not have deep roots.
Base of pot must be 1.5 times wider than the root ball and punctured with a hole.
Cactus Potting Mix.
A light potting mix with a lot of sand and pebbles for proper drainage and aeration.
Light Requirements.
Cactus needs a lot of bright daylight for at least 4 hours daily but no scorching sun.

Direct sunlight can cause burns and Cactus looks dull.
Watering in Summer.
Cactus needs more water in growing season.

Water it once a week or if you notice the first 3 inches of soil feels dry...
Watering in Winter.
Cactus is in dormant state in winter.

Water it lightly after a gap of 4-6 weeks.
Pest Infestation.
Avoid overwatering cactus to protect it from pest attack.

Repotting requirements.
Cactus is repotted once a year. While repotting, select a larger pot than the previous one.
Fertilizer Application.
Cactus does not need fertilizer for 2 months after potting / repotting.

During growing season, you may apply highly diluted all-purpose fertilizer once.
Pruning Requirement.
Cactus is a slow growing plant and does not require pruning.
If you see dead part on the plant, cut it off.

Hold the plant lightly with tongs and cut with sharp cutting shears at 45 degrees.
Personal Safety in Cactus Care.
While handling cactus, wear thorn-proof gardening gloves to protect your hands from pricks and cuts.  

Cactus is a highly adaptable plant.
Still, nurture your cactus with tender care in order to keep it in good shape and form.