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10 Tips for Sustainable Zero Waste Lifestyle

Know how to adopt zero waste lifestyle with sustainable options…
Zero waste lifestyle is simple earth-friendly behavior for a better future.
Zero waste lifestyle does not mean that there will be no waste at all.
Zero waste lifestyle is all about optimum utilization of available resources and reduce volume of wastes by modifying our habits of consumption.
Purchase retail goods like clothes, accessories, furniture, toys, gadgets, etc. as per your necessity and not out of temptation.
Buy perishable food item as much as you can consume before its spoilage. Thus, you prevent unnecessary wastage of food resources.
Articles meant for one time use only increase volumes of waste materials. Try not to buy or use them.
Buy high quality consumer products that can last longer.
A low-quality product turns into a waste sooner due to its short lifespan.
When any home appliance is out of order, try to repair it first.
If it is irreparable, then buy a new one.
Do not just throw away unusable devices in garbage bin. Sell them to people who can reuse many of its spare parts.
We often find unused items (e.g., camping gear, sports gear, books, toys) lying at home in good condition. Hand them over to people who actually need them.
Reuse worn out clothes, curtains, towels, etc. for other household purposes like cleaning and dusting.
In kitchen, replace plastic utensils, accessories, and storage containers with those made of stainless steel, glass, ceramic, etc.
Most importantly, reduce use of plastic bags and wraps and save the Earth from menace of plastic pollution.
Zero waste lifestyle is sustainable when we consume with care and promote reuse and recycling of discarded materials.