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10 Tips for Soothing Dry Sensitive Skin in Winters

Struggles of dry, sensitive skin get worse in winters. Here are some soothing remedies…
Dry skin has a rough texture round the year.
This roughness is prominent in exposed parts - face, hands, arms, and feet.
Cold winters make dry skin sensitive. It becomes itchy, scaly, and tender to touch when cracks develop.
Small changes in skin care routine can bring relief from winter dryness and sensitivity.
1. Dry skin needs frequent moisturization in winter. Apply thick layer of moisturizer whenever your skin feels tight.
2. Limit your shower time to 10 minutes. Make sure your bath water is lukewarm and not hot. 
3. After shower, moisturize when the skin is still wet to trap maximum moisture inside skin pores.
4. Use thick, greasy moisturizing cream instead of lotion.
 Cream has higher oil content that forms a protective cover against cold, dry winds.
5. Avoid soaps.
Cucumber pulp is ideal skin cleanser in winter. Extracts dirt from depth of skin pores. Soothes burning sensation of irritated skin.

6. Exfoliate with a smooth paste of finely grounded oats and water. It safely removes dry, dead skin cells.
Exfoliation may not be a great idea on sore, cracked skin.
7.Coconut oil is an excellent emollient. Softens rough, dry surface and heals up itchy, inflamed skin.
Massage it at bedtime and leave overnight.
8. Add 2 teaspoons of glycerin in a cup of rose water to prepare a spray mist. Spray it over those areas where the skin is sensitive to touch.
9. Protect winter dry skin from air pollutants with vitamin C face serum. It's a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin irritation caused by pollution.
10. Use a moisturizing sunscreen with glycerin component to save sensitive skin from sun damage.