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10 Interesting Facts About Hydroponics for Beginners

People are growing flowers, fruits and vegetables in their home garden using hydroponics. Let’s know more about the process.
Hydroponics is a unique technique for growing plants without the use of any soil. The plants grow in water.
The soil is replaced by a water-based solution filled with rich nutrients.

The plants in hydroponics acquire minerals, oxygen and water required for its healthy growth and development from this solution.
Affordable hydroponic kit and equipment are available in the market. It is easy to set up the system in a limited space at home.
Once the system is set up, you don’t have to spend much time in plant care, except for some monitoring.
Even though the medium of growing plants is water, the actual requirement of water in hydroponics is quite less.

Reason: In traditional method, a large amount of water gets absorbed into the soil.
You can see the plants in hydroponics growing faster.

Reason: The plants are not extracting the required nutrients from soil but are absorbing directly from the solution.
Growing season in hydroponics is lengthy.

These plants can grow crops throughout the year and do not have any particular growing season.
Farm yields are higher in a well-maintained hydroponic system.

Moreover, the fruits and vegetables are bigger in size.
Plants in hydroponics can survive in indoor environment.

That means, no crop damage due to bad weather conditions.
Chances of pest attack is less as there is no soil.

Even weed growth is not there for the same reason.

Hence, no harmful pesticides and weedicides are involved.
Hydroponics is considered as more environment friendly in comparison to soil-based gardening as it does not require any harsh chemicals.