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10 Helpful Tips for Nonfiction Creative Writing

Sharing some writing tips that can boost up creative skills of budding nonfiction writers…
Creative writing is an art where you convert your thoughts and imagination into written words.
Most people identify creative writing with poetry or fictions like novels, drama, where you build characters and a story around them.
I consider myself a creative writer but I can neither write poetry nor fiction.
Nonfiction creative writing need a slightly different approach. Here are some tips which worked for me.
Be a consistent writer. Decide a time of the day when you scribble down at least a few sentences. I create my best sentences just before bedtime.
Do not stop even if your writing looks like a trash to you. Regular practice will improve your writing skills.
Initially, getting a new idea for nonfiction writing can be challenging. I started with writing a daily journal which helped me a lot…
You can pick any incident from your daily life and describe your observations and opinions with honest feelings and emotions.
As you are a nonfiction writer, keep your narrative close to reality as much as possible. Avoid dramatic exaggeration.
Keep your choice of words/phrases simple. Then it becomes easier to express your natural flow of thoughts.
Read nonfiction work of other writers to get inspiration.
You will always hate the first draft of your write-up. No matter how many years of writing experience you have.
Do not beat yourself up for bad writing. Just believe that you can always fix it with multiple revisions.
Likewise, never assume you are the best writer and your creation is an exceptional piece of art. There is always room for improvement.
Nonfiction writers may have inhibitions about sharing their write-up with the world as it has personal views/opinions.
Take your time and publish or show your work to others only when you feel comfortable.
Till then, write and write more beautifully!