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10 Female Introvert Characteristics That Make Her Different

Want to know introvert women in your life better? Read on…
There are several misconceptions around female introverts. Know their inborn qualities to accept them for who they are.
Female introverts are my soul tribe and yes, we speak less. However, never assume that we are under-confident.

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Face-to-face chat may get awkward with long pause from her side. Communicate through texts to know her offbeat personality.
Introvert women have no interest in gossip. She likes to mind her own business.
She is self-aware.
She reflects on thoughts and feelings to evaluate herself inside out.
She lives life on her own terms. She may avoid those who try to impose their views and opinions on her.
Female introverts are highly intuitive. She often trusts her intuition and can take fast decisions.
Female introverts are labelled as “cold fish”. We just try to hide our emotions in front of others.

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We care for our near ones and value their emotions. We can interpret their verbal as well as nonverbal cues.
Conflicts don't suit us. 
We keep a safe distance from conflicts because even a small tiff bothers us for a long time.
We are not a bunch of depressed people for sure. We find happiness in little things and are satisfied with life.