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10 Best Things About Best Friend

Reflecting upon the role of a best friend in life...
Summertime and onset of rains make me nostalgic. I have some great childhood memories with my best friend around this time.
She is not my sister by birth but we grew up together to be soul sisters.
My special bond with her is hard to explain.
I want to point out 10 best things about my best friend which make this bond everlasting.
I was always this quiet, introvert type. She taught me how to laugh louder.
I do not have too many friends but I am glad that I have a friend like her in my life.
I can show my authentic self to her and I know she can do the same.
We are diametrically opposite. It made our bonding stronger.
I am strong and independent. She is delicate but I never dominated her. I am always protective about her.
She is an extrovert and I am a hardcore introvert. In a face-to-face chat, she is the avid speaker and I am the patient listener.
Probably, she is the only one on this earth who can listen to what I don’t say.
Apparently, we are very different from each other but deep down we have many similarities which time could not change.
Now we have grown apart and busy with our respective lives. We rarely meet but I know a strong support system exists in the form of a best friend.
Whenever we meet, she gives me a tight emotional hug before parting. It assures me that nothing has changed between us.
Parting Note:
Always keep yourself available for a best friend. A hearty laugh and some fun moments with them are your priceless stress busters.